Monday, July 12, 2010


A few months ago I wanted to find a piece of software that would convert my DVD's so that I could play them on my PC and also my Ipod. I tried several different free ones and finally got fed up with them and how long they took. I stumbled upon DVDFAB and have not been disappointed. It is a great piece of software. You pay for what you need. I personally purchased the DVD to DVD and DVD to Mobile pieces of the software. Both combined was about $60. Another nice function about the DVD to DVD component is that you can copy a DVD and take out all of the previews and menus and even have it replay once it is done, this is great for our DVD player in our van. Below are a couple of screen shots. It is very simple to use.


  1. Handbrake lets you do this too. And it's completely free. Plus it's already got profiles for apple products, so it's literally a point and click method.

  2. I think I've used Handbrake before. Forgot about it though. DVDFab seems a little cleaner (plus it gets updated about every month) and more straight forward to use. DVDFab also has a lot of features. Looks like Handbrake would be a good free alternative for some things.