Friday, August 27, 2010

A couple of Free Windows Utilities

Thought I would share both of these. Both are free and very simple to use. Both of these tools are geared more for Windows 7, but the first would work in XP and Vista as well.  The first is a utility called Fences. (Click here to check it out) It is a free tool to organize your desktop into different categories called fences. If you like having things organized and categorized, this is the app for you. Here is a screenshot of how it works. (note the screenshot is taken from a system running Windows Vista)


The second program is kind of similar, but deals with the pinning of programs to the task bar ability of Windows 7. There is only so much room to dock different programs. 7Stacks takes care of that problem and also gives you a convenient way to store multiple shortcuts into one icon. Simple click the icon and a whole list, or “stack” pops up for you to choose from. Click here for 7Stacks.




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